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P10 LED Flexible Screen 3535 Outdoor

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  • P10 LED Flexible Screen 3535 Outdoor
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  • 20mm 2500nits Flex LED Video Wall
  • P7.8 LED Flexible Screen 3535 Outdoor
  • P7.8 Indoor Mobile LED Screen Wall

Product Abstract:

Light weight: 10 kgs/Sq.m; High brightness:6800 CDs/ square meter; Waterproof: IP65 water resister; High refresh rate: More 4000 Hz refresh rate; Foldable design: small dimension, less space stock; Flexible: suitable for various shape application; Easy and fast installation: just hang the screen up to down...

Product Description

P10 LED Flexible Screen with mobile design is a new invention

that break through various bottle-neck compared with traditional LED display, it deserves the invention patent and Utility model patent internationally.
P10 Flex LED screens is composed of many small module which are connected together by steel wire, the display can be folded with 360 degree between.

Mobile LED Screen Technical specifictations:

Pixel pitch:  10 mm
Pixel density:
10000 pixels /m²
Power consumption: 
300W/m² (average, 3535 SMD LED, 1/4 scan, 24V)
(WxH):0.64 x 3.2m (recommend single panel, other size is available, many such panels can be connected vertically and horizontally to make as large LED wall as you want )
(WxH):64 x 320 pixels ( concerning the recommend size above, the size is different, so the pixel number is different.
Pixel configuration:
tri-color RGB LEDs, type SMD 3535
Power input AC 100V to 240V, working power DC 24V
Display port:
DVI/HDMI, software: LEDshow (from Color-Light) or XMplayer ( from DBStar)
Display mode:
synchronous to video source
Drive mode:
Screen resolution:
rec. 1024 x 768, max. 1280 x 1024
6800 cd/m² (nits) with 1/4 scan
Viewing angle:
Frame rate:
Data refresh rate:
4000 Hz ~10000Hz
16.7 million (R 256, G 256, B 256)
Protection rating:
IP 43 / IP54 waterproof / IP65
Operating temperature:
 -30 to 60 °C
10 to 90 %
10 kg/m², 16kg/m² (IP65)


1. Fissionable design: separated LED screen, receiving card and power can be composed and disassembled randomly.
led curtain overview drawing
2. Flexible and foldable: it can be curved with 360 degree ( front and back freely folded ).
flexible led screen various application
3. Light weight:10 kgs per square meter, totally a portable and mobile LED display
3. High IP level: With IP54/IP65, the LED display can still work correctly if dipped into water;
4. Various brightness level are available: 6800 CDs brightness, there are many options, indoor and outdoor LED display.
p10 outdoor application
5. Slim body: the thickness of the screen is only 10mm, portable LED screen.
6. Flat: even lay on the ground, the whole screen is still very flat, there is not any bump on the screen.
7. Easy and fast installation: just need to hang on the truss or on the wall, need not any frame, a instand installed and plug and play LED display.
flexible led wall for stage road show
8. High pixel density, High resolution flexible LED curtain display, the highest resolution 10000 pixels per square meter which provide the feasible for high definition image and video.
this kind of product is much suitale for rental, stage design, indoor and outdoor advertisement display.
Internal Sending Card:It is inserted in the PCI port of the PC, can control 1920*1080pixels (from DBStar or Color-Light), It is Optional with Color-Light controller.
External Sending Card: External sending card it is connected with PC by DVI cable and USB cable,can control 1920*1080 pixels (from DBStar or Color-Light), it is optional when you choose Color-Light controller system
Power box:provide signal and Power for the scereen (300W , 600W and 900W with DC5V output, 900W, 1800W with DC24V output,AC 90V to 264 V input power). Necessary.
Carton case: carton package for soft screen One carton, one panel, it is free.
Flight case: flight case Need to pay according to the size
Receiving card box:
LED Display Video Processor: video processor (if you want to connect DVD, TV or live camera as video source, so need this)
HDMI to DVI convertor cable: HDMI DVI convertor If there is not DVI port in the PC but HDMI is available ( like most of the laptop), so this cable can convert the HDMI signal to DVI signal.
Packaging units:
flight case package for flexible led display
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