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expand flex led wall
2017-08-07 19:37:58
I am not sure if I want to go with 15 feet tall or 12 feet tall, is it hard to adjust the height or add to the height of the screen later? I know that its not an issue width wise but I was wondering about height.
>> we can make the nearly any size ( 15 feet or 12 feet) according to your requirement. 
There are two method to adjust the height or add the height of the screen later:
Method one: just add more LED module below of the screen, it is easy to add, but it will take much time to remove it if you do not need it. And we need to consider the power, if adding much LED module at the end of the screen, the power supply from the top cannot provide the power for the whole strip, for example, the original 350W power for 20 pieces of LED module, if adding to 25 pieces, so the power is hard to work.
(please check the picture: add more LED module)
Method two: connect another panel vertically, certainly we need to add power and receiving card box for the additional panel.
Please check the picture:  flexible led wall, the top metal bar, the top metal bar D, the buttom metal bar, the buttom metal bar D, connected together, connected together D
Suggestion: If you want different height with various application, I recommend you to choose the longer one, because our flexible LED screen can be folded, you can fold the additional part if the height is limited in some place. For example, the LED screen is 4m height, but the room is 3m height, so we can fold 1m long and put it on the ground.
Please check the picture: hanging with folding, hanging with folding 2.

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