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Remote controlled LED Screen
2018-09-08 16:11:16

can it be operated remotely ? or can we program with a SD card.  Does it have a controller ?

We have two kind of controller, one is synchronous controller, another one is asynchronous controller.
The synchronous: we need to prepare the video source with DVI (or HDMI), if our video source is PC / laptop, so the LED screen will show the same image synchronously with PC/laptop, in another word, the LED screen will show what is showing on PC screen.
If we want to connect TV/DVD/live camera as video source, we can add video processor, the video processor will connect to synchronous controller.
The asynchronous controller: there is memory card on asynchronous controller, we need to save the video program in advance in the memory card ( SD-card, U-disc), the asynchronous controller will read the video problem in the memory card automaticall.
We can connect WIFI , 3G or 4G router with asynchronous controller, so we can save the video program remotely.

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