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Q&A:outdoor flexible led extension
2017-09-18 14:38:11

Q&A:outdoor flexible led extension

Are your product able to realize huge display (until 450 sqm)

Answer: there is not limitation to expand the LED screen ( also our flexible LED screen ), take outdoor P10 as example, if the panel size is 3.2m height and 0.64m width ( any other size is possible), we can connect many such panel together ( vertically and horizontally) to make a bigger screen. If the screen is very large, we just need to add the number of the sending card, because there is limitation for one sending card ( one sending card controll ar most 1024 x 768 pixels, if the size larger than 1024x768 pixels, we need to add another one). 


2.      If Q1 is yes, are curtain display?
Answer:   we make LED screen with slim body (at most 15 mm thickness), light weight( about 11 kgs per square meter), foldable ( fold with 360 degree), easy and fast installation, so we name it as flexible led screen. So I am not sure that you can call it as curtain display, if the curtain is made of clothing, so our flexible led screen have nothing to do with clothing.
3.      If Q1 is yes, what is the dimension curtain module?
This to be sure that it will be possible realize only one display of 450sqm or, for example, 3 display of 150sqm.
Answer: the size of panel of our flexible LED screen is customized, we can make the panel with nearly any size, and we connect such panel together to make a bigger screen. 
Certainly the panel should not be too large or too small, if too large, it is hard to move with one or two people, so one panel should be less than 50 kgs, so two people together can move it easily; and the panel should not be too small, if the panel is too small, we need many panel to expand a large screen, and the connector and the cable will become too much.
Can you assure that the curtain display can be used outdoor and in front of façade of building?
Please, consider that the curtain display will be installed in façade and then outdoor (even if not directly on the building).
The curtain display have to be UV-resistant, (hard)rain-resistant, (hard)wind-resistant.


Answer: Our flexible LED screen is composed of small LED module, each module is connected by two stainless steel wire from up to down. Take P10 flexible led screen as example, if the panel size is 3.52m height and 0.64m width, so there are 8 pieces 1.5mm diameter stainless steel wire, one 1.5mm diameter stainless steel wire can load 100kgs, 8 pieces can load 800 kgs, but the whole LED panel just weight 25 kgs.
The screen is UV-resistant and IP65 waterproof, If there are heavy wind, we need to take more method to fixed the screen on the frame ( by adding some stainless steel wire horizontally, so LED screen will be protected by the stainless steel wire vertically and horizontally).
 Can you send us details and drawings of fixing method between different modules?
PLease check the attachment for the picture.
in your previous email, you wrote: “but I'm really sorry that our flexible led screen is not suitable to bild so large a screen for outdoor fixed installation”.
>> Because of the cost, if you buy rigid LED cabinet, maybe you can get the price of outdoor P10 with USD 700 per square meter, certainly the rigid LED cabinet is very heavy and not flexible; because our flexible led screen use high cost driving IC ( for normal LED screen with MBI5024 as driving IC, we use MY9269 as driving IC, the cost is three times) and high cost power supply system ( normal LED screen works with DC 5V power, we have to use DC24V power), so our price of P10 have to be USD 960 per square meter. Because of light weight, slim body, foldable, easy and fast installation, most of our customer use our flexible as mobile application, or some place that cannot load heavy weight, or for irregualr shape.

Please, consider that:

a)      the display will be installed not directly on the building but will be fixed on the pipes that shape the scaffolding;

b)      as you can understand, never exist a standard of scaffolding scaffolding shape and relevant position of pipes; it means that the method have to be very flexible;

c)      we cannot consider o fix to the pipes of scaffolding a chassis because it will be very expensive.

The best way could be to:

i.           to hook upper side of curtain led to the horizontal pipes of scaffolding;

ii.         to fix lower side of curtain display to the horizontal pipes of scaffolding with wire;

iii.       to fix left and right side with wire.


Preliminary remarks

To permit to the (curtain) display to resist to the wind, the fixing method by wire have to be a little bit hard.


7.      Can you inform us regarding tensile strength of curtain display?

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