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How to do the maintenance of P10 flexible led event screen?
2016-05-15 22:16:28

How to do the maintenance of P10 flexible led event screen?

Solumax's flexible led vision screen comes with easy maintenance and replacement by new PCB boards or new led modules. As requested, here we would like to take P10 flexible led event screen as an example to show you how to  do the module replacement or module maintenance during troubleshooting.

Normally, the electric screw driver, socket wrench and soldering machine are the common tools for repair. Actually, Solumax Tech will send you 1pc screw driver and 1pc socket wrench along with the shipment just in any case. Once you find out the bad module or dead module during use, do please take off the power before disassembling panel from the truss.

common repairing tools

Please kindly refer to the steps on how to dismantle the broken module from the whole panel unit for repair as followed:

1. Unscrew the hexagon nuts from 4 pcs fastening plates neighbored the broken module as below picture shows.how to repair P10 flexible event screen

 take out the fastening plate

Below are the separated hexagon nuts and the fastening plates from the screen panel.

hexagon nuts & fastening plate

2. Take out of the 4pcs clips which are used for fastening the vertical steel wire through unscrew the related screws on the module front side. Then the steel wires will be loose.

Have the steel wire loose

take out the back clip used for fastening the steel wires

3. Then fold the screen panel and choose the right module requiring maintenance or repair.

fold P10 flexible led screen

4. Unscrew the screws of both the vertical and horizontal clips on the module back in order to have the whole module not fixed again.

unscrew all the front housing

unscrew P10 modulef front-housing


5. When all the screws are unscrewed, both the module front housing and rear housing are definitely separated from the whole module. Then you just need to take out the vertical signal flat cables of the PCB board very carefully like below.

Take one end of the flat cable from P10 flexible led module

take out the flat cable on the other end

At this time, the whole module will be dismantled from the whole panel so easy.

All the module parts are dismantled

You could replace the good PCB board (spare parts) directly or replace the dead LEDs or the other electronic components via the soldering machine. Check the PCB board and see weather there is any weak-soldering or off-soldering for the electronic components (such as the IC, capacitance, resistance, etc.). If so, please re-solder the electronic components.

replace the dead leds by soldering

6. When the PCB board is well repaired or replace and you are going to have the module assembled and mounted back to the screen panel, do please ensure the signal transfer direction is correct during assembly. ( Obviously, there are some arrow remarks on both PCB board and module housing to show you that the signal direction should be the same)

assemble P10 led module again

7. Then have signal flat cable well plug into the pin socket without movement, have the PCB built-in the module housing and have the steel wires tied to the module back by the clips. All will be tightened and fixed via the screws. The key is to have the clips screwed after the module front-housing. That is to say, you can have the module front-housing fixed in advance except the related clip screw holes. Finally, have the horizontal steel plates tied to the neighboring modules to keep the screen with good flatness.

Okay, that’s the way on how to repair or replace P10 flexible LED event screen, which is similar to P6. Just please note there are 2-3 types of screws in different length on each module. Please ensure that the longer screws are used for the fastening plate.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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