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FAQ on Flexible LED Advertising / Event Screen by Italy customer
2016-05-29 14:23:57

FAQ on Flexible LED Advertising / Event Screen by Italy customer

Dear Natalie,

I perfectly received your previous e-mail. Thank you for your kind reply! Very interesting product and very useful information and videos you shared with me! 

We are inclined to order a first sample given the amazingness of your product, but first I kindly ask you to answer some more questions and to clarify some points I didn't understand very well (sorry for my ignorance). 

1) You said the curtain may be bent just on the front and back and, of course, I understand the clear advantage in terms of packaging. Nonetheless,is it possible to slightly bend (not much) the curtain horizontally? For example, let's say we have a a curved wall: can the curtain adapt to its curvature? I suppose there must be a certain degree of flexibility also on the horizontal plane since the LED PCBs are separate entities...
[Natalie] Yes, it is mainly folded on front and back just like the attached picture shows. If you want to get the curved screen and the height is better not more than 1 meter which can be loaded by 1pc power-signal-distribution-box, we can make the panel turned 90 degree and have it curved as the one shown in below:

Solumax Cynlinder Screen

It is okay to bent a little on the condition that the top and bottom steel plate will be made a little curve if necessary.

2) I understand that the "Power and Signal Distribution Box" on the top of the curtain also contains the Receiving Card, right? It is very convenient.
[Natalie] Yes, correct and each flexible unit is comprised of several small led modules and the whole unit will be loaded by one piece top power-signal-distribution box. Please refer to the below picture:

Flexible LED Panel

3) Three questions in one: (a) Can you tell me what specific glue is poured inside IP65 modules? (b) Which is the chemical compound with which you provide the layer of waterproof material on your PCBs, cables and LEDs? (c) What's the back of the LED curtain made of? I need this information just to verify that the protection offered is suitable for our usage.

[Natalie] It is a popular kind of professional PCB layer treatment and glue-pouring in the led display screen market. The glue-pouring inside is the black epoxy resin with dual-protection. The back of the flexible led screen is made of the plastic housing, too. There are some stainless steel wires on vertical to have the screen be foldable and there are also some small steel plates on horizontal to help strengthen the screen flatness and have the whole screen on the same surface (see below picture)

Soluamx Foldable LED Wall

Notes: the stainless steel wire is used for connecting the LED modules in chain and one wire can load more than 80kg, so the whole screeen is strong enough when mounting onto the truss up to down.

Our main business is to provide solutions for customers in various fields, from event organization to advertising, and we both sell and rent lighting products adapted to that purpose. 

I confirm you that we are interested in your FLEX-SCREEN-P10-H,6300 nits, IP65 (because we often provide solutions for permanent outdoor installations). 
[Natalie] For permanent outdoor screen, we also have an alternative economical solution which we called the "semi-outdoor" screen. That is to say, having indoor version(IP43) take the place of outdoor version (IP65). That's because the indoor version is also able to meet the high brightness but with lower cost without the waterproof-treatment. You just need make an external glass or acrylic frame to help do the waterproof function. You can buy FLEX-SCREEN-P10-H, 6300nigts, IP43, then you make an external frame to have the screen inside. Most of our customers choose the way and here's the real project shared by one of our customers:

I understand you are used to much larger productions (more than 50 sqm), and I really appreciate your spirit of cooperation in granting us the same price you usually reserve to larger volumes... thank you, Natalie! We've never used products like yours and therefore we are in an early stage of testing, with a limited budget. If this concept will please our directors, we will certainly place much larger orders on a frequent basis. All that said, I perfectly agree with you in proceeding step-by-step.  

As for the payment method, it is acceptable 100% in advance for a small order. Once the order will be placed, can we pay through credit card (given the small amount of money) or you only accept bank transfer? 

[Natalie] For the small order, you can pay via paypal but it will cost too much handling charge which is around 5% of the total amount and USD50 for one remittance. If you would like to pay the extra cost, Paypal will be accpetable. Also, you can pay through WU (western union).

20 working days for delivery is acceptable. Which shipping method do you plan to use for such delivery? I suppose you won't use a freight service for such a small order, but maybe an express courier like UPS, DHL, or FedEx, right? 

May I ask you how much is the cost for transportation and delivery? 

[Natalie] Yes, for small order, normally international express. The cost depends on the total size you would like to buy. Once you confirm the required width and height, we will provide the full quotation including everything as well as the shipping freight.

We will probably order, within 1 or 2 days and all questions will have found an answer, 1 or 2 flexible LED curtains (of a size to be still defined), plus (1) Receiving Card and Power Supply Box (I suppose 450W is enough, right?), (2) External Sending Card, (3) Carton Package, (4) 10m Power Cable, (5) 0.8m Power Cable, (6) 15m Signal Cable, (7) 0.8m Signal Cable, (8) Hanging Wire and Hooks, (9) HDMI to DVI Cable, (10) Handle Screw Driver and Electronic Screw Driver, (11) A few LED modules as spare parts, if possible. Anyway, we will be more accurate in the e-mail with which we will formalize our order.     
[Natalie] As ditto. Please don't worry. We will quote including the whole system and all the accessories.

Thank you again, Natalie, for your kindness and precision in answering my past, as well as my current, questions. You're a very patient woman! You have my gratitude. 

I look forward to receiving your answers to my questions and I really hope we can begin very soon to do business together.

Kind regards,



Should you have any concern, please feel free to contact me via the following information:

Skype: natalie-luo
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P7.8 Flexible LED Screen: https://youtu.be/nU-DxUZZnDw
P6 Flexible LED Screen: https://youtu.be/gs_vYqOVpOU
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