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Product Abstract:

Customized Flex Dot is a kind of LED pixel dots string that allow the LED screen to break free from the flat, rectangle format and assume virtually any form.

Product Description

Customized Flex Dot is a kind of LED pixel string

that allows the LED screen to break free from the flat, rectangle format and assume virtually any form.


Technical Specification:

Model No.: FLEX-DOTS -5
Pitch Size: 50 ~ 200 mm
Pixel Integration: 5pcs RGB SMD 3535 
Working Voltage: DC24V
Max. Power Consumption: 1.5W
Color Range:  256*256*256 color (24 bit)
Beam Angle: ≥120°
Lifetime: ≥50000 hours
Material:  ABS, Anti-UV, PC ( transparent / black / white)
Operation Temperature:  -40°C to 60°C)
Operation Humidity:  10%-90%HR
Protection Level: IP65
Feature of Flex LED Dot Screen:
Easy to handle and simple to use, Flex Dots is a light-weight and bright string of LED pixels that allows to create the customized video solution with maximum flexibility and minimum work. The flex dot provides unlimited options for interior and exterior environment.
Flex Dots screen concept is simple, individually controlled, intelligent, full color pixels mounted on a flexible cable that allows designers and architects to unique and customized LED video display.
flexible led dot string running status
Each pixel (Dot) consists of one bright RGB LED driver by its own processor and individually addressable for independent control for color, special effects and animation. Pixels can be arranged as requirement and later mapped to the image using pixel mapping software.
Flex Dot is a perfect solution for integrating LED video technology in stage sets, clubs, building facade vision and lighting design.
flexible led pixel installation
Customized pixel pitch: we are factory, we provide customized pixel pitch start from 50mm;
Customized brightness: from 3 CD to 15 CD per pixels available;
Customized IP level: with waterproof and non-waterproof, you choose what you need;
Individually controllable, bright, RGB pixels;
Excellent image quality;
Cost effective: efficient and long-lasting
Irregular shape possible: compose a LED screen with round, circle, triangle shape easily;


Most Popular LED Video Product for Building Lighting:




Internal Sending Card:
It is inserted in the PCI port of the PC, can control 1920*1080pixels (from DBStar or Color-Light), It is Optional with Color-Light controller.
External Sending Card: 
External sending cardit is connected with PC by DVI cable and USB cable,can control 1920*1080 pixels (from DBStar or Color-Light), it is optional when you choose Color-Light controller system
Power box:
provide signal and Power for the scereen (300W , 600W and 900W with DC5V output, 900W, 1800W with DC24V output,AC 90V to 264 V input power). Necessary.
Carton case: 
carton package for soft screen One carton, one panel, it is free.
Flight case: 
flight case needs to be customized and additionally paid according to the dots string size
Receiving card box:
LED Display Video Processor: 
video processor(if you want to connect DVD, TV or live camera as video source, so need this)
HDMI to DVI convertor cable: 
HDMI DVI convertorIf there is not DVI port in the PC but HDMI is available ( like most of the laptop), so this cable can convert the HDMI signal to DVI signal. Send by Fisher personally for free.
Laptop Computer:laptop notebookIf you are unfamiliar with computer and LED display system and are worried about the configure the whole system, so the preset laptop is available, so everything will be plug and play when you get the whole system.

LED Pixel String Technical specifictations:

Model: Dot -5
Pixel integration:5 RGB SMD 3535 
Pitch size:50 ~ 200 mm
Working voltage:DC24V
Max power consumption:1.5W
Color range: 256*256*256 color (24 bit)
Beam angle:>=120°
Lifetime: >=50000 hours
Material: ABS,Anti-UV,PC ( transparent / black / white)
Operation Temperature: -40°C to 60°C)
Operation Humidity: 10%-90%HR
Protect lever:IP65
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